Kanakia Health care supports protesting doctors

Kanakia Health Care will remain closed all of today ie 17/6/2019,in response to the IMA call for withdrawal of non essential services. This is necessary as we have become a lawless nation with people openly and brazenly flouting the law.
A young doctor who could be any of our family members is almost dead and fighting for his life in West Bengal. There are plenty of legal avenues if one is unhappy with the treatment meted out to themselves.
We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our patients.
For all emergencies, please reach Lilavati Hospital Casualty
Kanakia Health Care

World Thalassemia Day

On the 4th of May we had a meeting and workshop for patients with Thalassemia – Living with Thalassemia 1at Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre The focus was on bone health, cardiac health and psychological well being of patients living with thalassemia.At the meeting, Dr Swati Kanakia also discussed the newer advances in treatment of thalassemia;viz Luspatercept gene therapy gene editing etc The highlight was a hands on work shop demonstrating exercises for preventing bone disease.

On World Thalassemia Day listen to Dr Swati Kanakia to know all about thalassemia at Lilavati Hospital and Reasearch Centre


Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre is holding a thalassemia patient meeting and workshop – “Living with Thalassemia”.
Sat 4th May 2019 , 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Please encourage patients to register for this free workshop with Ms Shraddha Adarkar : +919987413373

Gudi Padwa

Finishing touches to the Gudi for Gudi Padwa. Planned and lovingly decorated by Vinod, Manish and Ahmad.
Good wishes for a healthy New Year.

Dr Raju Kanakia
Dr Swati Kanakia
& Kanakia Health Care Team

Holi at Kanakia HealthCare

Over the years we have been celebrating every festival at Kanakia Healthcare. It keeps the mood festive and the ambiance lively!!

Keeping the theme of “ reuse & recycle” in mind, this year we used old plastic cans which were painted black and then sprayed with gold spray paint. The effect of colour was given by colourful tulle which was pepped up by golden shiny beads.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Holi.