Social Responsibilities

The KRK Foundation

The KRK Foundation was set up to make a small contribution to patients and to society at large. This foundation gets contributions from well wishers and patients which are used judiciously to help the not so affording patients. The spectrum of activity of this foundation includes subsidized investigations, medicines, consultations and procedures. The foundation also spreads awareness regarding liver disease, hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, thalassemia, anemia among others. This is done through lectures, seminars, vaccination camps, printing and distribution of patient education booklets.


HepFree India (HFI) is an initiative to bring attention to the epidemic of chronic hepatitis B and C in India. At HFI, we share the vision, goals and framework for global action laid down by the WHO. Through increasing awareness, HFI hopes to make people alert about these diseases and their consequences. We also want to make people aware about the prevention and available management modalities. For those living with hepatitis, HFI shall help them and their careers, deal with the disease and access to the care they need, to live healthy lives.
HFI holds Hepatitis Detection and Awareness Camps at different locations throughout Mumbai and Maharashtra.

We aim to:

  • Create awareness about hepatitis
  • Screen the general population
  • Identify people with hepatitis
  • Offer counselling to prevent complications of hepatitis and progression of the disease
  • Prevent transmission of the disease and decrease the incidence of hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in the country